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Series taboos and me - veganism (2)

I was four weeks without meat. Proud of myself for resisting bravely, I went with a friend dinner at a pub here in Curitiba. Given the menu to see if there were meatless options, we were very happy. Happy but a little discouraged. He walked the boring days, dizzy during physical therapy. I thought was to return to pick up heavy exercises. Also lived hungry - although comessse much more than was used, about to become engorged. Half an hour later, he was hungry. Swollen belly protruding from his pants. By having to choose between eating meat and eat gluten, I was choosing to eat gluten. And the body walked complaining much.

Once there, select the menu 3 courses. The 3 options with meat. And with maddening hunger, as with severe headache and weakness when walking. I could not go anywhere else without getting sick. That annoying thing! I ate a bread with meat inside. The food down the throat, between the joy of eating something and sorrow eating meat. I felt immediately better. The feeling was of fullness, satisfaction, guilt, all together.

And the next day, turning to meatless diet, I noticed that the morning had managed to go to the toilet more easily. I did not know well why, but walked with the intestines out of order. Nor got sick in physical therapy. But would not accept a link between the two.

After a few days, again I come across a place that promises meatless options, but fails. I ate meat again. The same contradictory feelings, ease of going to the toilet unless swollen belly. It was no coincidence - but did not want to accept it.

While researching the reason for this relationship, I faced me with many questions surrounding veganism. Fights were severe. Meat defense reasons were as many as them against their intake. At this point, I stopped researching about food and focused on other industry: cosmetic.

Brazil is a huge consumer of cosmetics. And ANVISA is the regulatory body of the watch on this industry. But it does not require animal testing. The companies that make them do so because they want to. And there is a bill that is trying to ban this practice. What I find very valid - after all, we have options such as cell culture tests and simulations.

The big villain in this story has known location: China. The Eastern country requires animal testing. And every company that sells to the country to do the tests. In other words, if the company says not to test here in Brazil, but sells to China, it is testing. Simple. And in this list are old known companies: Avon, Mary Kay, L'oreal.

For vegans, the situation is even more complicated. Many cosmetic use animal derivatives, which are obtained from meat cutting industry remains in textile production and obtaining honey. Finding replacements is challenging. The options are restricted, and often are more expensive than conventional ones. Out that many become difficult to find in any store. But they exist, can be found at some pharmacies or the internet, and can be replaced by home-made options.

As I will abolish products tested on animals, I began by cosmetics that had at home and liked to use. It crossed my mind to check if they tested - but not checked before they sold in China. Goodbye, Nivea cream! I made a list and I've been preparing myself for future replacements when would end products. After all, throw out would free pollution.

As it showed me, it's not that complicated. Charge of the companies is also worth: the more you ask, the more the company charged feels about it. And more companies take position. This does not mean that companies do not trickery. Mary Kay was caught on the hop lately.

And while I finding solutions, I'm dealing with the discomfort of having to eat meat from time to time to the strange sensation that affects me through. Annoying. So boring.

Continued ...

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