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Some of my "bedside" blogs - not necessarily subcultures

I follow many blogs. I have a separate folder for Brazilian blogs (around 60) and for foreign blogs (20). Many of these blogs I look every day, even not commenting. They are part of that kind of reading that motivates me, makes me think, make me cry, make me feel disgust. They move me.
I would like to invite you to meet some of them:

1. Dona Sammia
Sammia Ferreira Vilela is author of the blog Marrying without Money (Casando sem Grana), a popular blog on the brides circuit. But I met two blogs it more personal, and this is the latest. Beautiful, inspired, suffered true. I highly recommend it.

2. Morando Sem Grana
The middle brother of Marrying without Money, also belong to Sammia. Great saving tips in times of crisis. But it also has some questions and practical tips against rampant consumerism, lack of loveliness and routine. Another blog that I recommend.

3. Melhor com saúde
For those who, like me, need to be 24 hrs an eye on their health, this blog has some interesting tips.

4. Bicha natural
Here is a tumblr that makes me think often. I identify very much. There are things there that hurt me and make me cry - out of shame for myself, for my petty thoughts. Always watching.

5. Escreva Lola Escreva
An old acquaintance of questioning Brazilian internet. Lola plays in the face, speak with courage and determination and leads me to reflect for days. Inspiring and very true.

6. Lady Lollipop
Lollipop lady is a beautiful girl of about, I calculate, 12/13 years. And his style does not look anything like mine. But she's here because she's very cute, humble, creative. Cute. He has written since January, which I think is a shame. But I recommend, because I think it's just stopped by lack of the same view.

7. Goticus eternus
With valuable tips steampunk books, or next theme, I like to do a thorough analysis, which urges me to read. Once you finish reading the books of Agatha Christie (no missing many), I will start using the references of this site.

8. Ephemera
Sheila is not in any subculture, but his style is unique. Purple hair, designer shoes, vintage clothes and always smiling. I too breathe it in its boldness. I wanted to have a little of this spice that she has.

9. Vintage Vixon
Vix. Passed 50. And not pay much attention at all is living with joy and style. Another woman of spectacular visual and super good ideas. Totally retro, 70s.

10. Reasons to believe
"A direct disclosure channel, filled with positive attitudes and humanitarian initiatives.". More than that. A daily injection of courage. When I want to rebel, get angry, this site is a heartwarming reminder that, yes, there is hope.

And you have a blog or website that inspires you and that you access always? Share with me!
To part two!

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